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Global Questinco operates as an international digital investment management platform. Our Company offers access to multiple, automated, algorithm-driven financial services, investment solutions, diversified alternative investments, portfolio management, financial planning, and advisory services.

We have a reputation for really listening to our clients. and can offer a team who are authentic, passionate and respectful, in addition to being experts in their speciality fields. Our priority is to provide our clients with a trusted long-term partnership of quality advice, clarity and rigour to secure their financial future for generations to come.


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Who We Are

Our investment philosophy philosophy

Investment Process Our investment process is impartial to sectors, geographies (for international mandates) and indexes. The investment team’s mindset is that of a private equity investor – we only invest in businesses that we would be comfortable owning outright and expect returns equivalent to that of private equity.

The investment process requires the calculation of a “margin of safety”. The margin of safety calculates the difference between the equity value per share calculated in our proprietary financial model to the current share price. If this difference is not material, we will not invest in the company. This does not mean the company is of inferior quality, rather that it is overpriced when considering its future earnings and cash flow potential.

When assessing investment opportunities, the Global quest inco team always ensures it is looking at a company’s earnings and cash flows across a business cycle, particularly when looking at companies which have earnings that are more cyclical in nature. We do acknowledge that all companies experience some element of cyclicality in earnings, however this element of cyclicality varies markedly across the investment universe.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Global Questinco make money ?

    Global Questinco makes money in four simple ways: Our flat management fee for investing and advice—is $4 per month or 0.25% for most customers (depending on your balance and recurring deposit settings), 0.40% for our Premium advice plan. Our over-the-phone advice packages cost between $299 and $399 per package. Payments from Cash Reserve program banks, which Betterment expects will result in annualized revenue of more than 0% but less than 0.50% of the average, aggregate balance daily.

  • What is your Mission Statement?

    We are here to empower people to do what's best for their money so they can live better. We’re building smarter, more efficient money management for everyone. By pushing the bounds of what technology can do, by bringing together some of the best software and analytic thinking of diverse, cutting-edge industries, we’re able to ensure that more people get the advice that they deserve. We have the ability to help free our customers to pursue what is most meaningful to them.

  • Who are the experts behind Global Questinco ORG ?

    Our team of investing experts make decisions about our portfolio strategies and fund selection with the help of an external committee of economists, PhDs, and industry experts. More than just a portfolio management team, our experts work to develop improvements to our Tax Smart technology and other advanced strategies.

  • Who is available to support me when I need advice

    Our team is here to support you, whether you're facing a technical problem, making a complicated financial move, or looking for personalized guidance from a professional. When you have a question that warrants personal advice, we have a team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ to support you with one-on-one advice, either in a one-time package or with continuous support in our Premium plan.

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