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Crypto Asset Management

However, a complicated underlying decentralized ledger technology and high volatility makes crypto trading an abstruse practice. While contemporary traders can grasp, those hooked to the conventional trading need detailed guidance. Not to miss, tokens are listed on a number of exchanges which may or may not be compatible with the wallet owned by the user. Consequentially, managing so many assets increase complexity thereby calling for an expertise advisory services to sort through.
Global Questinco ORG – Handpicking the most appropriate crypto tokens for your investment portfolio.

We trade on the most efficient crypto fund management platform that provides unmatched exposure to the best performing crypto asset class. Our investment strategy targets the most liquid type of crypto assets that have proven their potential in the time series analysis. Furthermore, our test trading techniques have persistently outperformed others with higher returns and lower risk statistics.

Our Crypto Fund is curated with a focus on maximizing returns no matter how the overall asset market performs. In this fund, algorithmic filter analysis is implemented to make predictive decisions and assure better exploitation of the trends.

Our Crypto Fund follows a quantitative approach as per the current market price of every individual crypto asset. This fund has a narrowed focus on the most liquid crypto assets that have proven their worth in the time serial analysis. Not to miss, this strategy can be extended to other assets as soon as they qualify for investment.
Diversification from traditional investment Weekly liquidity Upside benefit, downside protection Invest directly with fiat currency

Web3. The Web3 vision is about empowering consumers to control their own data, as opposed to the status quo in which tech giants, credit bureaus, advertisers, healthcare providers, etc. hoard consumer data. As this paradigm shifts, incumbents will lose their primary competitive advantage-- their data monopolies and associated network effects--creating massive opportunities for new value creation.

The Web3 Vision

Whereas the open finance thesis is based on the idea of programmable money, the Web3 thesis is based on the vision of self-sovereign data. The Web3 vision empowers consumers to own their own data. This stands in stark contrast to the status quo, in which tech giants, banks, and credit bureaus control consumers' data. As this paradigm shifts, incumbents will lose their primary competitive advantage—their data monopolies—unlocking a massive wave of innovation and value creation.

When consumers own their own data, data monopolies will crumble. The second and third order effects of this will be profound, enabling the creation of new businesses and services that we can’t yet imagine.

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